Meditation & Poetry

A three day residential retreat in Old La Sal, UT.

August 14 – 16, 2020

Susie Harrington & Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Sliding scale based on lodging, plus dana (donation) for the teachers.
$150-220 camping (maximum 6)
$190-240 double occupancy
$250-330 single occupancy (maximum 4)

Information about Retreat Dana
If you have any questions please contact Lisa Allee at 970-570-7936 or LA007 (call or text preferred)

Mt. Peale Sanctuary
1415 East Highway 46 La Sal, Utah 84530
45 minutes southeast of Moab.
    La Sal Mountains from the deck

    The Meditation and Poetry Retreat will take place at the rural Mt. Peale Inn at the edge of the La Sal Mountains, with fabulous views of Mt. Peale and the surrounding area. For those who have taken this workshop before, this will be a new exploration. This retreat will be held in the container of a silent meditation retreat. There will be practice instructions, guided meditations, silent sitting and walking meditation. Poetry practice will be woven into our days, with periods of instruction, time to write, and time to share what we have written and discovered. This combination of silence and discovery can be a magical process that leads us deep into ourselves and into the world. No previous experience in meditation or poetry is required to participate. We expect many will be more familiar with one of these modes of exploration than the other and this will be an opportunity to build on the experiences you bring.


    To support our time together, we will maintain Noble Silence. We ask that you plan on disconnecting from the world, letting go of the need to talk on the phone, text, email or use electronic devices. We expect the weather at this time of year at Mt. Peale Animal Sanctuary to have cool evenings and fresh days of fall. There will be time to be outside, walk, and enjoy internal and external quiet. You are also encouraged to not read, listen to music, or otherwise pull yourself away from what is happening in the present moment experience. We will be giving ourselves and the other participants the gift of silence and the freedom to explore our individual experience without interruption. This undistracted present moment experience, in all of its complexity and variety, will provide the material we will explore in our writing.


    The retreat will begin at 4:00 pm on Friday. Please plan to arrive between 2:30 and 3:30 pm to get settled in prior to the 4 pm start of the retreat. The retreat will end on Sunday at approximately 2:30 pm—please plan to stay until the end. (If you need to arrive later on Friday to make it possible to attend, please contact the registrar as it is possible to arrive after dinner but before the evening session.)


    The retreat will take place in the buildings and on the grounds of the Mt. Peale Inn in Old La Sal, Utah about 45 minutes from Moab. This is also the location of the Mt. Peale Animal Sanctuary and Healing Center. Although no animals are inside any facilities, we will be sharing the land with a variety of horses, cats, and others who are being cared for; the intention of the Mt. Peale center is one of rejuvenation for all. The accommodations are in four cabins and a main lodge. For more information please see their website at

    There are both single and two-bed rooms available. Please indicate on the registration form if there is someone with whom you are willing to share a room and/or a queen bed. If you have a camper or vehicle you would like to sleep in, a small discount is available.


    Meals will be fresh, organic, vegetarian, prepared by Lisa, our wonderful cook, and will include Friday dinner; Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner; and breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack on Sunday. Please list food allergies on the registration form and we will do our best to accommodate you. If there is a request we cannot accommodate, we will let you know and you can bring what you need to supplement.


    To register please complete the registration form and send full payment of the room and board fee:
    $150-220 camping (maximum 6)
    $190-240 double occupancy
    $250-330 single occupancy (maximum 4)

    Cancellation policy: 50% of payment will be refunded if cancellation is 30 days before the retreat, April 1; if cancellation is after April 1 no refund will be available. (This allows us to keep the fees as low as possible and still cover expenses.)

    In keeping with the Buddhist tradition of not requiring payment for teachings, Susie and Rosemerry have chosen to offer their teaching and guidance on a donation basis. The registration fee only covers your room, lodge rental, food and the cook’s pay. As this may be an unfamiliar practice for many, and radically different than the system for many workshops, we have a suggested donation of $100 - $400. But as is the tradition, nothing is required, and you can offer as you are able. Whatever you decide to offer, your generosity will be gratefully received. For more information on the practice of dana (translated as generosity), please head to this page.