Touching the Earth

Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center, CO
August 12 – 19, 2024

Teachers: Susie Harrington and Denise Ackert (assistant)

$750 - $550 Camping, glamping, and vehicle sleeping spots
$950 - $750 Lodging - doubles and mini-singles
$1,150 - $950 Lodging - singles

The retreat fee only covers the basic retreat costs: food, facility, travel for teacher and cook, and other incidental expenses. In the spirit of generosity, Susie offers her teaching freely, and you have the opportunity to offer a support donation at the end of the retreat to each of them. For more information, see Teacher & Staff Support.

At this time this retreat is full, and the waitlist is open. Please complete the Online Registration Form to reserve your space on the waitlist. Cancellations happen every year and at least some applicants on the waitlist are admitted.

Creek in aspen forest

Awakening in Nature

Do you long to embody the ease, freedom, and aliveness that is your true home? To do so, the Buddha implored us to “go to the forest, to the foot of a tree” as an onward leading condition for awakening to our true nature. In this home of spruce forests, alpine meadows, birdsong, and wandering moose, we practice immersed in the natural world. And we explore opening ourselves to the beauty, inter-connectedness, and preciousness of our true nature. During this retreat, we’ll be encouraged to look out and around, as well as inward, and to delight in what we see. This retreat is held in noble silence with periods of group and solo sitting and walking meditation, dharma talks, and inquiry practice.

Sunset over the mountains and retreat hall


Lodging Options – view lodging options here (external link to RMERC site)
You may camp in a beautiful campsite, or stay in the lodge. There are a limited number of single lodging options, such as single rooms, mini singles and glamping. The other rooms are shared accommodations.

COVID Policy
Please read the complete RMERC covid policy here. The Covid policy may change at anytime in accordance with the teacher’s discretion.

Pre-retreat. To ensure everyone’s safety, we ask that you wear an N95 mask during travel, especially while in planes and other public spaces, regardless of federal rules, and that you are really careful for 10 days before your retreat. If you have any COVID symptoms please do not come to RMERC until you are well. To ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, RMERC requires that everyone arriving at the retreat center provide a negative covid test result, preferably from a PCR test, taken less than 96 hours before the retreat. If a PCR is not accessible, we require two rapid home tests, the first taken the day before the retreat, and the second taken the day of the retreat, with 24-36 hours between the two tests. Those using home tests should take time-stamped photos of both test results. This proof of negative test results must be presented before entering the lodge for your retreat.

Time and Transportation
The retreat begins at 4:00pm on the first day, and end about 1:00pm after lunch on the last day. If you are flying into Denver, the airport is about 90 minutes from the center, so you should plan on your flight arriving no later than 1:30pm to reach the retreat center on time. Return flights departing from the Denver airport should leave no earlier than 4pm, so you can get to the airport on time. Please do not plan on leaving the retreat early. As many participants will be camping, you might want to allow some extra time to set up your tent before the retreat starts.

You will be out of contact with no internet access or cellphone service during the retreat. Please complete all personal business before you arrive. The staff will have the ability to make and receive emergency calls or emails on your behalf, but phone and internet are not available for personal use.