Lessons from the Life of the Buddha

Jan. 1–3, 2016
Logan, Utah

Susie Harrington

COST: $35 – 60
Plus dana for the teacher.
Information about Retreat Dana

Scholarships available.
Please contact Megan Dettenmaier at MEGDET if you would like to discuss scholarships.

If you need assistance with registration please contact Keelin Schaffrath at WTK or (970) 988-8323.

Other questions: Tim Slocum TIMSL (435) 755-0276

Location: Bear River Charter School, 75 South 400 West, Logan, Utah 84321

The Buddha was a real person who lived 2600 years ago. An exceptional person, but still a traveler through the joys and challenges of life. For this retreat, we will investigate some of the story’s from the Buddha’s life, and explore how these can be of use to us in our lives. There will be particular emphasis on relationships: the deep friendships he had and the support those offered, and the quarreling he sometimes encountered and what he had to offer in those challenging situations.

During this silent retreat, there will be sitting and walking meditation, meditation instructions, dharma talks, and small group meetings with the teacher. This retreat is open to all - those with experience and those new to practice.


Friday Jan. 1

12:00 pm–7:00 pm

potluck lunch and catered dinner

Saturday Jan. 2

9:00 am–8:00 pm

sack lunch and catered dinner

Sunday Jan. 3

8:00 am– 12:00 pm

This is a non-residential retreat. If you answered that you can offer or need housing in the registration, someone will be in touch with you the week before the retreat (right after Christmas).

• All that you might need for comfortable sitting and laying meditation: zafu, pad or blanket, etc.
• Clothing and shoes for the option of doing outdoor walking meditation
• Mug, plate, bowl, and silverware
• Potluck contribution for Friday lunch
• Sack lunch for Saturday and Sunday. Dinners included in retreat cost.
• Tea or other flavoring for hot water
• Anything else that you might need to feel at home in the retreat.