Women's Retreat on the Lost Coast


May 31 – June 8, 2019

A Sky Mind Retreat
Cost: $600 – $485 (sliding scale)
Scholarships available.
Retreat Teachers: Susie Harrington & Erin Selover
Cook and Manager: Lisa Allee

Fee is for food, group equipment, and other expenses. Teaching of the retreat is by donation at the end of the retreat. For more information, see Teacher & Staff Support.

Please read detailed information pdf about the retreat before registering, to make sure this retreat is right for you.
  • Blue sky walking
  • meditation circle by the ocean
  • vulture contemplates the surf
  • deer eating during the sit
  • cobbles and fog
  • interview with the teacher

The Lost Coast is the longest, wildest stretch of the California Coast. The King Range National Conservation Area rises dramatically from the ocean to 4,000' King's Peak. The coast is full of life - sea lions, seals, elephant seals and birds, and a plethora of land mammals often being sighted in the rich seashore ecosystem.

We walk nine miles along the seashore - the walk is on a mix of sand, pebbles and boulders. Our food, one small bag of heavy gear per person (including clothing, tents, and sleeping bags) will be flown in for us. At the homestead, both camping and indoor sleeping are available. While it is remote and simple, hot showers and a complete kitchen with fresh food contribute to making it an inviting and nurturing place to be.

This retreat is set in a place that naturally inspires our sense of awe and appreciation. We have done a retreat here annually for many years, and each time we feel we are stepping into the most sacred and ancient of temples. This is the first year we are offering an additional retreat for just women. We choose this time of year for its fabulous weather (no guarantees of course), and ideal outdoor practice conditions. If an outdoor retreat appeals to you, far from people, without the challenges of backpacking, this may be a retreat for you!