Loving the Self to Death

A Program for Experienced Practitioners

Dates: December 2018 – May 2019
Mt. Peale Inn, Old La Sal, UT
Susie Harrington

This 6-month program will explore the creation of the sense of self, the suffering that comes along with it, and the love that is central to releasing this central misunderstanding. We will use inquiry, meditation, study, and shared process, to explore places where identification, separation, and the illusion of self arise. We will also explore the fundamental practice of knowing, embracing and loving ourselves – in the full complexity of who we are – and the seemingly paradoxical role this plays in breaking down the belief in self. It is through love that that the need for the ‘self’ relaxes and our safety and trust in ourselves and the world flourishes.

As in previous DIDL retreats, although we will use verbal inquiry, there will be a commitment to noble silence for the length of the retreat. Please expect to relinquish outside contact and the use of devices for the length of each retreat.

This program is specifically intended for graduates of the Dharma in Daily Life (DIDL) program. Others who have previously practiced with Susie are welcome to apply. The number of spaces is limited due to the capacity of the retreat center, and the availability of individual session time with Susie. Due to the nature of the program, partial participation is not possible. You may miss one retreat, and the recordings will be available for you to make up the retreat. (Because no one can take your place for a missed retreat, no discount in cost is available.)

The program includes:

  • Three retreats
  • Two group calls between the retreats (using Zoom)
  • Three individual sessions with Susie
  • Monthly dharma buddy calls
  • Monthly readings and inquiries.
Commitments from program participants:
  • Meditate six days a week for 30 minutes a day
  • Participate in the three retreats
  • Commitment to complete the monthly readings and inquiries
  • Participate in the two group calls- one each between retreats
  • Commitment to a dharma buddy with phone calls at least monthly
Retreat dates:
  • January 18 - 20, 2019
  • March 22 - 24, 2019
  • May 24 - 27, 2019 (the full Memorial Day weekend)
Retreats start at 2 pm on Friday and end at 2 pm on the last day.

Program fee: $500-$800, includes administrative and teacher support for the program elements between retreats (group and individual sessions, readings, inquiries, etc). Due at time of application.

Retreat fees:
$600 - $900 total, includes room and board for all three retreats (two 3-day retreats, and one 4-day retreat). Due by January 1st. (Amounts above $800 will be applied directly to scholarships.) For a different payment plan KSLSD Keelin.

Teacher Support:
As is the tradition, the retreats will be offered on a donation (Dana) basis. Suggested donation $100 - $200 per retreat.

Scholarship and partial work trades will be available. Our intention is to turn no one away due to finances. To inquire please send an email to SHPEP.

Remote Participation:
For those who previously participated in DIDL, either in person or remotely, this option is available again. KSLSD Keelin for more info.

Contact: Please KSLSD Keelin Schaffrath with other questions.

Applications due: September 10, 2018
Notifications of acceptance:
Oct 1, 2018